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What We Do

We work with governments, schools, teachers and NGOs to support the growth of high school alumni networks globally, in order to make sure students are learning skills and gaining experience that will enable them to get a job.

Our experience (and research) shows that alumni can help young people successfully transition from school to work through inspiration and guidance, mentoring and e-mentoring, work experience provision and more. We help schools mobilise their former students as:

  • Career and life role models for current students in assemblies, workshops and lessons focused on the jobs market and the skills required for life and work;
  • Mentors and e-mentors to students, providing support such as career counselling and CV and interview support;
  • Providers of work experience placements, internships and apprenticeships for students;
  • Volunteers in extra-curricular clubs for vital skills such as literacy and numeracy, that complement school curriculum and support the development of skills for work and life;
  • Fundraisers and donors to the school to provide a sustainable source of revenue for schools that can support student bursaries, school facilities and resources;
  • Advisers to the school in a professional capacity, supporting the school management team in ensuring the relevance of education to the world of work and adequate provision for the development of life skills.


Every School A Community Report

Advice and Consultancy

Open sourcing of data and best practice guides: We show governments, schools and NGOs around the world how alumni networks can add value, and give suggestions on best practice.

Membership: We offer government departments, NGOs, consortia of schools or individual a membership which at a minimum cost includes free admission to the annual Future First alumni conference, access to telephone support on building/mobilising their network from our team and the opportunity to share best practise with other members via an online forum (to be developed).

Consultancy: We offer a service of undertaking bespoke research on behalf of Ministries of Education or international donors into the potential value of alumni networks in a particular country setting.

Technology Development – We offer a service of developing a customised alumni tech platform, to support governments or NGOs to keep up to date records of alumni and communicate regularly with them in order to mobilise them to benefit their old school.

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Advocacy and Research


Advocacy: We believe alumni are a valuable and untapped education resources. As such we advocate to international institutions, governments, leading educationalists and NGOs for their increased adoption.

Research: We will continue to invest in research that measures the impact of existing alumni activities and the opportunity for alumni engagement in new contexts in order to inform and influence policy. This will include submitting evidence to educational research papers, and the publication and dissemination of research reports.

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Case Studies


The Future First model is currently being used in government schools in disadvantaged communities in Kenya, the UK and the USA. We are learning from these to feed into an effective, flexible and sustainable delivery model. Find out more here about these case studies. 

Country Profiles