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Unleashing the potential of young people in Liberia: a new initiative

“An engaged alumni community prepares the way for a brighter future” said Beyan Flomo Pewee, Executive Director of YOCEL.

It is a brighter future for young people across Liberia, which a new joint initiative is aiming to achieve. The initiative, developed by Future First Global, in partnership with YOCEL, is being launched this week to enable Liberian schools to be supported by thriving and engaged alumni communities, which can support young people as they transition from school into further education, training or the world of work.

The initiative launches in eighteen pilot schools later this year, after an initial launch workshop with all involved, including representatives from the schools and the Ministry of Education. An assessment undertaken by YOCEL over the last couple of month’s show that 80% of outgoing high school students are willing to give back to their former schools. It further showed 90% of students want career advice and mentoring from former students.

There is already some sporadic use of alumni networks at a high school level in Liberia but this new partnership will support schools in developing well-functioning alumni networks. It will unleash the latent will of alumni to give back as volunteer role models, mentors and providers of work experience.

“Imagine if every young person in Liberia had access to a network of mentors, role models and work experience providers to help them in their journey to fulfilling their own potential. Together, I am confident we can establish a programme which will do just that” said Jake Hayman, CEO of Future First Global.

We would like to thank The Funding Network for making this possible.

About Future First Global
Future First Global’s vision is to turn every school into a community by engaging former students, now in jobs, as mentors, role models and work experience providers to young people at their old schools. They currently work in the UK, Kenya and USA.

YOCEL is a Liberian based non-profit youth oriented organization that promotes quality education and provides supportive platform that challenge the creativity of young people.

For additional information on the initiative contact: Jake Hayman, CEO Future First Global, Jake@futurefirst.org.uk or Beyan Pewee, CEO YOCEL, f.pewee@gmail.com

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