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The Global Partnership for Education: Every school a community

Emily Laurie, Managing Director of Future First Global, guest blogs for The Global Partnership for Education: a multilateral partnership devoted to getting all  children into school for a quality education.

Earlier this year millions of people came together and told the story of why they are where they are #BecauseOfSchool. The value of education was made clear. People from around the world proclaimed the safety, hope, health and work they have are all because of their education.

Many governments from around the world responded to this mass demonstration of the value of education by pledging an unprecedented amount at the replenishment conference of the Global Partnership for Education.

But the reality is that the global funding gap to provide all children with a basic education is still massive with US$ 26 billion missing each year. If we want to narrow this gap, more innovative and sustainable solutions are needed.

Read the full post here on the Global Partnership for Education’s website.


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