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Back to School Week: My Journey With CARE Singapore

Thomas Goh, from CARE Singaporean is a guest blogger on our Back to School Campaign. CARE run mentoring and life skills programmes with at-risk young people in school. Thomas attended one of their programmes when he was in school, and now works for the organisation. Here is Thomas’s journey with CARE Singapore:

It was almost 20 years ago when I was introduced to the mentoring programme through CARE Singapore. I was only 13 years old. I was never interested in my studies and always looking for opportunity to skip lessons. I was never that motivated kid that enjoys school.

On one occasion, when I did go in for the full day, CARE Singapore came in. They were appointed to my class for a life skills programme. At first, I was very hesitant to attend, but I told myself since I was in school, why not just give it a shot.The programme taught me a lot of important skills (e.g. self-image, communication, respect etc.) through activities. Very soon, I found myself on a much better track and given a class committee appointment (class Chairman).

Ever since leaving school, I have been regularly volunteering with CARE Singapore and young people in the position I was in, since I know how much of an impact it had on my life. CARE Singapore believe in Helping Youth Succeed. So do I. Through all the life skills sessions and mentoring, we’re taking what we’ve learnt and having a positive impact on the next generation of students.

Most importantly, it’s important that the journey with our current students doesn’t just end when they finish the programme, but that we can continue to support them when they leave, and they too, in turn, will one day support future generations.

To find out more about CARE Singapore, check out their website. To find out more about the Back to School Campaign, visit myalumnipledge.org and sign the alumni pledge.

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