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Asante Shule Campaign: Day 1

My first day working on the Asante Shule campaign felt uncannily like my first day back at school. There was excitement, there was confusion, there was nostalgia, and there was a sense of novelty. The campaign, run by Future First Kenya, wants to encourage alumni to go back and give back to their former schools. The first day of the Asante Shule campaign kicked off in CBD at the Kencom bus station. Armed with whiteboards and pens, we took to the streets and asked people what they would like to tell their 16-year-old self. What they wish they had known back in the day, when they were at school? It was humbling to see how many people stopped and talked to us; it seemed as if people loved reminiscing about their old school days.

So what advice did they give? Work hard in school. Listen to your elders. Steer away from bad company. Avoid peer pressure. But one man’s advice stood out to me in particular. He said that education shouldn’t simply be about learning for the sake of passing exam. Instead, students should use their time in school to build talents, interests, and become well-rounded people. Coming from a society where everyone believes that your success is determined by how well you do in exams, it was refreshing to hear that it’s important to be more than just book-smart.

Everyone has something to contribute to his or her old school; what will you do? Sign the pledge at www.myalumnipledge.org. #asanteshule

image1By Ivy, Social Media Intern



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