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A small part of the solution: How our work can improve the relevance of education to a young person’s life

Today the UNESCO Global Monitoring report is launched in the UK. The report focuses on the progress, or lack thereof, countries have made on achieving the Education For All Goals. It further identifies lessons for the education sector as we finalize and start implementing a new framework. One thing the report highlights is that children are not learning what they need at school to prepare them for their future.

“The main education challenge our country faces is the lack of relevant education. The education our children are receiving is not relevant to their lives and does not prepare them to get a job.” This was an insight from the Minister of Education from Rwanda during the World Education Forum.

Our work at Future First Global is a small part of the solution to this problem. We support former students to go back to their primary and secondary schools, around the world, to give relevant and relatable career advice and mentoring. These alumni can help children make that difficult transition from school to work by giving them advice and inspiration.

It is a simple model which is so far substantially untapped. Our global research showed that 52% of adults want to give back to their schools but only 2% have been able to, because the systems are not in place to facilitate this. If we can unleash this potential around the world, we can be a part of the solution to make sure children are receiving an education that prepares them for the next stage of their life.

We have made a film to show what we do. Have a look and join us to help us develop an alumni community for every school!

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