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A Guide to Working with your Alumni

Issues of impact, sustainability and community development have led to a marked increase in programmes looking to develop their alumni activities. This ‘how to’ guide is designed to help organisations take the next step, or even the first step, in building their own alumni programmes.

Amongst the 80 interviewees from Latin America, Europe, North America, Africa, Asia and Australasia who informed this report, there was a common pattern of questions surfacing. Questions such as: ‘what’s next for our participants?’,‘what more can we do for our alumni?’ and ‘how can we mobilise support from our graduates?’ are at the forefront for those running scholarship programmes, summer programmes, youth groups, fellowships, professional training programmes and more.

91% of alumni engagement experts interviewed for this study considered their alumni community ‘essential’ to their respective organisations. This guide will be a first step towards bringing that ‘essential’ value to any organisation that could benefit from it.

From Cohorts to Communities : A Guide To Working with Programme Alumni

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